WYDOT Chooses Forta-Fi® to Reinforce I-80

closeup_asphalt_fibers_medfordWYDOT Chooses Forta-Fi® to Reinforce I-80

When designing a pavement rehabilitation project on I-80 between Laramie and Vedauwoo Rd, Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) engineers had to contend with a 600’ long longitudinal crack stretching down the middle of a travel lane. Since the crack has reappeared quickly after previous rehabilitation projects, WYDOT decided to reinforce the asphalt layer in the cracked lane with Forta-Fi. The Forta-Fi product incorporates aramid (generic name for Kevlar®) fibers to three-dimensionally reinforce the asphalt structure, providing a high degree of tensile strength that is able to resist reflective, fatigue, and thermal cracking, as well as rutting.

“With asphalt reinforced with Forta-Fi fibers, we hope to significantly delay the appearance of the longitudinal crack on the surface of the pavement,” said Ryan Steinbrenner of the WYDOT Materials Lab in Cheyenne, WY.

The paving project will be completed by Knife River Corporation of Cheyenne, WY in July 2014. This will be Knife River’s first project that incorporates Forta-Fi fibers in Wyoming, although they have already gained experience with this new fiber technology after completing multiple projects in the Pacific Northwest.