AllianceGeo has a full range of geogrid products to provide performance and cost benefits for any road structure, pavement or retaining wall/steep slope. Our BX geogrids for example are used to reinforce the unbound aggregate layers that form the sub-base and/or base course layers in road structures. By including a BX geogrid within one or both of these layers the engineer can extend the life of the road or reduce the layer thickness leading to substantial initial cost savings. These products have been used extensively worldwide for 30+ years and have gained formal recognition in the US from the likes of The US Army Corps of Engineers, The American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-way Association and more than 40 State Departments of Transportation. Our BX geogrids are available in roll widths of 2.95m, 3.95m, 4.95m and 5.95m (9.7 ft, 13.0 ft, 16.2 ft and 19.5 ft.). It should be noted that AllianceGeo is the only company in the US able to supply 19.5 ft wide rolls. We are therefore in a unique position to help the contractor and owner reduce wastage costs to an absolute minimum!


When reflective cracks migrate to the surface, the long-term integrity of flexible and composite pavements can be quickly compromised. Conventional practice in dealing with this type of distress is to mill the top few inches and overlay the remaining pavement with “fresh” asphalt. When a geogrid interlayer product is included within the overlay, the time for reflective cracks to appear again is typically extended two to three fold. Inclusion of geogrid interlayers can therefore significantly reduce the long-term maintenance costs for pavement owners. A variety of AllianceGeo RG geogrids are available to help mitigate different crack types and degrees of severity.

Geogrid Product Information

What is an AllianceGeo BX Geogrid?

AllianceGeo BX geogrids are plastic, grid-like products delivered to a job site in roll form. Manufactured using polypropylene, these products feature high stiffness at low strain and excellent resistance to installation damage and environmental effects (UV, chemical, biological attack, etc.). BX geogrids have been used successfully in roadway applications for more than 30 years.

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How do AllianceGeo BX Geogrids work?

AllianceGeo BX geogrids are manufactured such that their ribs and apertures form an integral structure. This facilitates “mechanical interlock” as larger aggregate particles partially penetrate through the geogrid’s apertures. Once the overlying aggregate is compacted, the effect is to provide an efficient means by which to transfer dynamic loads to the geogrid and thereby form a composite material with increased stiffness and better performance when trafficked.

Allowable Traffic


  • Unpaved roads and temporary working surfaces
  • Conventional and heavy-duty pavements
  • Rail structures

What is an AllianceGeo RG Geogrid?

AllianceGeo RG geogrids are used to help retard reflective cracking in flexible and composite pavements. These products derive their reinforcement benefits from extremely stiff, fiber-glass strands which are coated with a polymer and then knitted together to form a grid structure. Adhesive material on the underside of the geogrid helps expedite installation and ensures a firm bond between the asphalt layers above and below.

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How do AllianceGeo RG Geogrids work?

When an overlay is placed over an existing cracked pavement, the cracks will eventually be reflected at the surface. The AllianceGeo System effectively allows two components to form a composite material i.e. the tensile strength of the geogrid combines with the compressive strength of the asphalt. Cracks propagating upward are intercepted by the geogrid and prevented from immediately migrating further thus extending the life of the overlay (2 to 3 times) and increasing the period between major rehabilitation events.



  • Conventional asphalts pavements
  • Composite pavements

Delay appearance of reflective cracks in overlays due to:

  • Badly cracked underlying pavement structure
  • Concrete joints
  • Transverse cracking
  • Road widening
  • Trenching activites

What is an AllianceGeo UX Geogrid?

The AllianceGeo UX geogrid series is designed for use in grade separation applications. The geogrids are manufactured with high molecular weight, high tenacity, polyester yarns using a precision knitting process. UX geogrids are dimensionally stable and through a uniform network of ribs and apertures provide tensile reinforcement to the surrounding soil. UX geogrids are offer resistance to installation damage. They are also chemically stable and thereby appropriate for use in for soil pH levels between 2.0 and 12.0. UX geogrids are resistant to attack by soil micro-organisms and a black PVC coating ensures they are unaffected when exposed to ultra-violet radiation for prolonged periods.


  • Modular block retaining walls
  • Concrete Panel retaining walls
  • Wire mesh retaining walls
  • Steep slopes