Contractors Use FORTA-FI® to Win More Projects

FORTA-FI-bags-smContractors Use FORTA-FI® to Win More Projects
Taking advantage of newly available technologies, several contractors are now using FORTA-FI asphalt reinforcement fiber technology to win more projects. Recently, N.B. West (NBW) discovered the advantages of using FORTA-FI as part of a Value Engineering proposal for the City of St. Charles, MO. With the increased asphalt stiffness provided by FORTA-FI, NBW was able to reduce the pavement thickness by 33% (from 9 in. to 6 in.). The City was elated with the 17% initial cost savings.

NBW was also able to offer longer term savings on a separate conventional 2 in. mill and overlay project. The 50% increase in pavement design life provided by the FORTA-FI will reduce the overall maintenance and ownership cost by up to 33%. The versatility of the FORTA-FI product allows contractors to propose several cost saving alternative solutions for pavement owners.