Unpaved Roads, Working Platforms and Access Roads



Unpaved Roads, Working Platforms and Access Roads


Weak subgrades generally pose the greatest challenge in the construction and operation of these structures. Tire loads can often lead to excessive pressure exerted onto the underlying soil and result in excessive rutting at the surface or in the worst cases, a complete bearing failure.

In order to maintain the serviceability standards required for a particular structure, the imposed traffic loads must be transferred uniformly and effectively onto the subgrade. This is normally done by determining a minimum required aggregate thickness. Extensive research and internationally recognized design methods have demonstrated that geogrids can be used to significantly decrease the pressure exerted on the subgrade for a given thickness of aggregate. Essentially, larger aggregate particles partially penetrate through the apertures of the geogrid and lock into place. The result is stiffness enhancement of the aggregate layer and better load spreading characteristics.


  • Access roads
  • Piling platforms and working surfaces
  • Semi-permanent and permanent unpaved roads
  • Subgrade improvement layers


  • Reduce required aggregate base thickness by 50 to 60%
  • Provide significant cost savings
  • Enable faster construction