AllianceGeo supplies a range of geosynthetic products at market leading prices. Our company is staffed by experts with a combined 60+ years’ experience in the geosynthetics industry. This allows us to occupy a unique position whereby we can provide the lowest price, high quality products along with full professional support services that rival or exceed those of other geosynthetic manufacturers/suppliers.

AllianceGeo’s civil and geotechnical engineers are available to provide customers with products and design solutions capable of delivering the following benefits:

  • 50% cost savings for construction of unpaved roads and stabilization layers beneath paved roads
  • 50% cost savings for the construction of access roads and temporary working platforms
  • Life extension of up to 500% for paved roads
  • Initial cost savings of 10% to 15% for paved roads
  • Life extension of 50 to 300% for asphalt overlays
  • 10%+ cost savings for flexible and rigid pavements subjected to unusually high axle loads (e.g. ports, intermodal facilities)
  • For rail line structures, 3 to 5 fold reduction in ballast settlement rate or initial cost savings of up to 40%

We invite you to take advantage of our vast experience and contact one of our leading geosynthetics specialists to discuss development of an enhanced solution on your next project. All advice and design work is provided free-of-charge with no obligation to purchase AllianceGeo products.